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A Message of Solidarity and Action

Together we stand with our Black community to fight against systemic inequity, injustice, and racism.


Call (916) 558-2221 and press zero, or call 911.

We Take Your Safety Seriously

Los Rios Police Department protects life and property at all of Los Rios' colleges, centers, and offices.

Our officers routinely patrol our colleges and provide many services to students and employees, including transportation, property registration and recovery, fingerprinting, and issuing keys.

Parking Resources

Parking Permits

Parking Permits

We offer daily parking permits, employee parking permits, and student semester parking permits (for both automobiles and motorcycles).

Parking Permits

Parking Citations

Parking Citations

Campus police issue parking citations if parking regulations are violated. You can pay a parking citation online or by mail. You can also appeal a citation online.

Parking Citations

Visitor Parking

Visitor Parking

Employees can request special visitor permits for guests. Otherwise, visitors can park in designated 20-minute spaces or purchase a daily parking permit.

Visitor Parking

Campus Police Services and Resources

Crime and Reporting

Learn more about reported crimes and find resources for filing complaints or police reports.

On-Campus Services

We provide a number of on-campus services to students and employees.

Parking Permits

We offer a variety of parking permits for students, employees, and visitors.

Emergency Procedures

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Shelter-in-Place Procedures

Shelter-in-place means taking refuge in an interior room with no or few windows. In some cases, it may be safer to shelter-in-place than to...

Active Shooter or Lockdown

In an active shooter situation, call the police immediately. Depending on the situation and your proximity to the shooter, you should run...

Hostage or Terrorist Situation

In a hostage or terrorist situation, evacuate the area and advise others to avoid the area. Get as much information about the situation as...