Semester parking permits are valid at all of our colleges and centers, so you only need to buy one per semester.

How to Buy a Semester Parking Permit

We recommend you buy your parking pass early to avoid delays during the first week of school.

There are three ways to buy a semester parking permit:

  1. Online in eServices. If you purchase in advance, then your permit will be mailed at least two weeks before the semester starts.
  2. Submit a payment coupon to your college's Business Services Office. If you purchase in advance, then your permit will be mailed at least two weeks before the semester starts.
  3. Get your permit in person by visiting your college's Business Services Office as early as 30 days before the first week of school.

Parking Permit Fees

Fee Name Fall 2019 Cost Spring 2020 Cost Summer 2020 Cost
Semester parking permit (automobiles) $40 * $41 * $26
Semester parking permit (carpools with 3 or more passengers) $35 $36 N/A
Semester parking permit (motorcycles) $25 $26 $16
* Students who receive the California College Promise Grant (formerly known as the BOG Fee Waiver) only pay $30 for a fall or spring semester parking permit.

How to Display a Semester Parking Permit on an Automobile

Semester parking permit displayed on a windshieldA semester parking permit displayed on a windshield.

Semester parking permits can be affixed to hangers that hang from the rearview mirror or adhered to the lower corner of the passenger's side windshield.

Remove expired permits.

Where can I park with a daily parking permit?

With a semester parking permit, you can park in the student parking spaces that are designated with the word Student and white lines.

Are semester parking permits refundable?

Yes, semester parking permits are refundable. Visit Los Rios Community College District to learn how to get a refund.

Lost, Stolen, and Counterfeit Parking Permits

If your parking permit is lost or stolen, then immediately report it to the Los Rios Police Department. We will record the permit number that was lost or stolen in case someone else tries to use it.

If a parking permit that has been reported as lost or stolen is found displayed on a vehicle, then a parking citation may be issued and other corrective action may be taken.

Replacing Lost or Stolen Parking Permits

Lost or stolen parking permits will not be replaced for free. A new parking permit must be purchased at the normal price.

What if I sell my vehicle or my parking permit is damaged?

If you sell your vehicle or the windshield is damaged, then you must show proof of sale or repairs – or bring in the old permit (permit number must be intact) – before we will issue you a new permit. There replacement fee is $2.