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Report Online

You can report a bike theft or general theft online. To file an online report, you must provide your contact information, a valid email address, and a form of official identification (such as a driver license).

File Online Theft Report

After You Submit an Online Report

You will be emailed a copy of your submission. Los Rios Police Department (LRPD) reviews all online submissions to make sure they can be accepted online and that all necessary details are included.

After your online report is accepted, an LRPD officer will call you to get any additional information that is needed.

Unfortunately, the majority of reported cases are closed without taking further action. LRPD will decide whether to investigate or close a case based on investigative leads, severity of the crime, the District Attorney's case filing guidelines, and investigative staffing.

When to File in Person

Certain incidents must be reported in person to Los Rios Police. These incidents include:

  • Violent crimes (personal assault with great bodily injury, kidnapping, robbery, or homicide)
  • Firearm thefts
  • Hate crimes (bias-related crimes)
  • Sex-related crimes (rape or other sexual assaults)
  • Stolen vehicle (theft of a vehicle, trailer, motorcycle, boat, outboard engine, or ATV)
  • Lost or stolen license plate(s)
  • Domestic violence of any kind
  • Assault and battery resulting in serious injuries (to include injuries requiring hospitalization or medical treatment)
  • Traffic collisions involving injuries, DUIs, or unlicensed drivers (unless all parties have left the scene)
  • Traffic collisions involving a hit and run accident when the license plate of the hit and run vehicle is obtained