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If you have evidence that an individual has come to a Los Rios facility in violation of a restraining order, then contact Los Rios Police immediately at (916) 558-2221.

As part of a new process to increase transparency into public safety issues on our campuses, we are publicly posting all permanent restraining orders filed by the district that prevent individuals from entering one or more Los Rios facilities, along with the name and photo of the individual the restraining order is filed against if available and allowable by law. We will always seek the consent of the protected party before posting specific restraining orders.

If you have any evidence that any of these individuals have come to any of our campuses or violated the terms of their restraining orders, then contact Los Rios Police immediately at (916) 558-2221.

Active Restraining Orders

Desmond Roman

Jamie Barnes

Jamie BarnesJamie Barnes.

Michael Bennett

Issued February 22, 2022

Collin Ingraham

Issued September 7, 2017