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Parking Options for Visitors

Park in a 20-Minute Space

Our college parking lots have designated 20-minute parking spaces for visitors who don't have parking permits. Visitors who plan to spend less than 20 minutes on campus may park in these spaces at no cost.

Purchase a Daily Parking Permit

Visitors who plan to spend more than 20 minutes parked on one of our campuses can purchase a daily parking permit. Daily permit machines are located near the entrances of surface parking lots.

Special Event and Visitor Permits

Organize Special Event Parking

Event organizers can purchase permits through each college's facility use agreement process. The responsible department will provide the requested number of permits to Los Rios Police Department, who will in turn provide the permits and/or designate a specific authorized lot or location for visitors to park. This option is most convenient for large groups.

Request a Special Visitor Permit

A college department or office can sponsor and pay for special visitor permits using our online form. A valid budget code is required to pay for special visitor permits, and only authorized employees are able to access the online form. Visitor permits are processed by Los Rios Police Department and charged back to the requestor's departmental budget.

Authorized Employees

If you are an employee authorized to request visitor permits on behalf of your department, then please enter the LRPD parking password to access the visitor permit request form. You will be temporarily taken off of the Los Rios Police Department website.