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Provide Information to Police

When you call the police, give the dispatcher any information you have, including suspect description, location of shooting, and types of weapons.

Run, Hide, or Fight

Depending on your proximity to the attack, you should  run, hide, or fight.


  1. If there is a safe escape path, then leave.
  2. Leave your belongings behind.
  3. Help others escape with you, if possible.
  4. Warn and prevent others from entering the area.
  5. Keep your hands visible and follow any instructions you get from police.


  1. If hiding is the best option, then lock and barricade the doors and silence cell phones.
  2. Hide behind large objects away from the shooter's view.
  3. Stay quiet.
  4. Stay where you are until you are told to leave by police.


  1. Act as a group to incapacitate the shooter.
  2. Use improvised weapons (such as heavy books, chairs, or desks).
  3. Spread out and commit to being aggressive.

When police arrive, they will take control of the situation and notify everyone when the situation is resolved.

More About Run, Hide, Fight

The following videos provide more information on what to do in an active shooter situation.

Lockdown FAQ