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Protect Your Personal Items

We understand that your personal property is valuable. If it gets lost or stolen, then we want to help you recover it.

Lost and Found

We maintain an inventory of lost and found property. Anyone can report property lost on campus or check to see if their lost property has been turned in at the campus police office.

Found Property

If you find an item on or near campus that you believe may have been lost, then please turn it in to the campus police office. Found property is documented with a description and a unique registration number. We make every effort to return property to the rightful owner.

We hold found items for up to 90 days. Items that are not picked up are donated.

Dangerous Items

If you find a potentially dangerous item – such as a weapon, syringe, street drugs, prescription medication, or a dead animal – then do not pick it up. Call campus police or dispatch immediately.

Operation ID (Property Registration)

Operation ID is a free property registration program for students and employees. You can register your valuable property (bicycles, laptops, and so on) with a unique registration number and can have that number engraved onto your property.

This service is available during normal business hours at our campuses. We can also schedule Operation ID events at the outreach campuses upon request.

You will need the following information to register your property:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Student ID number
  • State-issued ID (such as a driver license)
  • Serial number or applied number of item you want to register
  • Item brand, model, color, and any additional descriptors