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How to Get an Employee Parking Permit

Each employee can get two parking permits for free. Contact your campus police center or the main Los Rios Police Department and provide the following to get an employee parking permit.

  • License plate number of each vehicle using a permit
  • Proof of Los Rios Community College District employment
  • Photo ID

Additional or replacement permits cost $5 each.


Employee parking permits are transferable to a second vehicle.

How to Display an Employee Parking Permit

Employee parking permit displayed on a windshieldAn employee parking permit displayed on a windshield.

Employee parking permits can be affixed to hangers that hang from the rearview mirror or adhered to the lower corner of the passenger's side windshield. Remove expired permits.

Where to Park

Employee parking permits are valid on all Los Rios Community College District property. Employee parking spaces are designated with the word Staff and yellow lines.