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Parking Enforcement Notice

Parking permits are not required for students during the summer 2023 semester. However, students are required to park in designated student parking spaces marked with white stall lines.

Employee parking permits are required.

Los Rios Police Department (LRPD) will enforce violations in red zones and other restricted areas, metered or timed parking, disabled parking, and violations that impede traffic or block access.

How to Buy a Daily Parking Permit

Each campus has daily parking permit machines located inside the entrances to its parking lots.

Daily parking permits cost $2. Permit machines accept one dollar ($1) bills or coins (25-, 10-, 5-cent coins only). Some newer machines accept credit cards.


Daily parking permits are not transferable between colleges.

Broken or Malfunctioning Machines

Report broken or malfunctioning machines to Los Rios Police Department. You are still expected to purchase a daily parking permit from a working machine.

How to Display a Daily Parking Permit

Daily parking permit displayed on a windshieldA daily parking permit displayed on a windshield.

Daily parking permits must be displayed face-up on the passenger's side of the dashboard with the valid date clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle. Remove expired permits.

Students who drive motorcycles should not use daily parking permits because they are easily stolen. Learn about motorcycle parking permits.

Where to Park

With a daily parking permit, you can park in student parking spaces that are designated with white lines.


Daily parking permits are not refundable.