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The Los Rios Community College District provides emergency phones, or E-phones, across all campuses and outreach centers. E-phones are safety devices that send an emergency response to LRPD and are activated by a push-button and speaker-like intercom. There are two types of E-phones across the district:

  1. Blue emergency phone
  2. Elevator emergency phone

Blue Emergency Phones

The blue emergency phones are blue rectangular or circular towers highlighted by an LED beacon with a red emergency button that, when pressed, provides direct communication with an LRPD dispatcher. If needed, an officer will be dispatched to the E-phone location to assist. An officer will always be dispatched to an activated E-phone with an open line. Blue E-phone locations vary but are typically located in outside areas like parking lots and quads. There are some E-phones that are wall-mounted on the exterior of buildings.

Blue emergency phone tower on outdoor college campus

Elevator Emergency Phone

In the event of an elevator emergency, it is crucial to provide trapped passengers with communication to emergency services. All Los Rios elevators have E-phones inside and although they may differ in appearance, a direct line of communication with a LRPD dispatcher is established upon activation of the button.

Person's finger pointing to a button on an elevator keypad that says Call for Help

E-Phone Locations

Emergency phone locations are marked on each campus map.

American River College

Cosumnes River College

Folsom Lake College

Sacramento City College