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Lost and Found

Each campus police office is responsible for all items found in their respective locations. When items on campus are found and brought to the campus police office, the item is recorded and a registration number is attached then every effort is made to get it back to the right owner. If a student or staff member loses an item and reports it with the campus police department, the lost item information is documented in the event it is found and brought to the campus police office.

I lost something on campus. Where do I go to check if it was turned in?

If you lost something on campus, please go to the campus police office where the item was lost at to see if it was found and turned in.

How long does the Campus Police Department hold lost items?

Law requires we hold items for 30 days, however we make every attempt to hold for 90 days.

What happens to items that are not picked up?

Items that are not picked up are donated to a local charity.

I found something on campus. Where can I go to turn it in?

If you found something on campus, please deliver the item at the campus police office where you found the item.

I found something Off-Campus. What do I do?

If the item was near the campus or you feel the property belongs to someone at the college, then contact campus police. If not, then please contact the local law enforcement agency.

The item I found looks dangerous. What do I do now?

If you found something dangerous, such as a gun, knife, syringe, street drugs, prescription medication or dead animal, please do not pick it up. Please contact the Los Rios Police immediately.

Los Rios District Police Department|3835 Freeport Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95822|PH: (916) 558-2221|FAX: (916) 558-2018

Office Hours: Monday through Thursday, 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM (Closed Holidays)

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