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Campus Keys

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Which Los Rios Community college campuses provide campus keys to staff members?

Currently only Cosumnes River and Folsom Lake College provide campus keys to staff. For all other campuses, please contact the campus Operations Office.

Staff members who need keys must submit a Key Request Form. The forms can be obtained from your area dean or supervisor. After your dean or authorized staff signs the form, you need to turn it into our office. Key requests are usually completed within one business day after they are received. Please return to Police office after one business day to pick up your keys.

Where do I pick up and drop off campus keys?

After authorization has been granted, you may pick up and return the campus keys to the Police Department.

After police approval, how long do I have the campus keys for?

Approved staff members can hold campus keys as long as needed. For example, if a key is only needed for a semester due to room change, the campus key needs to be returned to campus police no later than two weeks after a semester ends. If it is an office key, the staff member who is assigned the office has the key for the duration of their stay in that office.

Can I use the keys to access rooms outside of normal campus hours?

If their Dean approves usage outside of the assigned times. Keep in mind that if it is after hours then you may need an alarm code to enter most buildings.

Can I request campus keys for more than one room with a single request?

Batch (multiple key) requests are allowed and encouraged for ease and speed of processing.

Am I allowed to make copies of campus keys?

Keys may not be duplicated at any time for any reason by staff members. The LRCCPD is the only authorized department to duplicate campus keys. Staff members caught duplicating keys risk losing their right to keys to campus locations.

I’m a staff member at another Los Rios Community College School District campus. Can I request keys for another campus?

Each campus location is responsible for their individual campus keys. For example, you may not requests keys for American River College from the Sacramento City College. That request would have to be made directly to American River College.

I am a student assistant. Can I request campus keys?

Generally, student assistants are not authorized to acquire campus keys.

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