Visitor Permits 2018-03-14T22:43:17+00:00



Parking is now enforced 24 hours a day all year round including weekends, holidays, and breaks.

All visitors must pay the parking fee, unless specifically granted an exception by the Vice President of Administration or his or her designee. This measure ensures that the costs of LRCCD’s parking facilities are equally distributed among all users. See regulation R-1312 / Visitor Parking.


  1. Purchase permits at the permit machines.
    This option is less convenient, but each visitor would pay for their own parking, or visitors could be encouraged to car pool.
  2. Event organizers can purchase permits through the facility use agreement process. Operations or the responsible department will provide the requested number of permits to LRPD, and LRPD will provide the permits and / or designate a specific authorized lot / location for the visitors to park.
    This option may be more convenient for large groups.
  3. The sponsoring department can pay for their visitors’ permit by providing an appropriate budget code to charge back the costs of the permits. After receipt of a valid budget code, LRPD will provide the permits to the visitor.
  4. The sponsoring department / requester can submit a Visitor Parking Permit request.