Please refer to the following sections for questions in regard to our parking citations, appeals, and passes.



CVC 21113 authorizes the Los Rios District Police Department to enforce the California Vehicle Code and Board approved regulations upon the grounds designated for vehicle parking and traffic.

For more information on the Los Rios Community College District parking rules and regulations, please visit the district policy regarding parking.


Vehicles parked illegally in red zones or parked so as to impede the flow of traffic on campus streets, parking lot entrances, and driveways, in front of fire hydrants, or in other areas where emergency vehicles might be affected, are subject to being towed away at the owner’s expense.

Drop-off Areas/Loading-Unloading Zones

No person shall stop, stand, or park a vehicle in any passenger loading zone for any purpose other than the loading or unloading of passengers [CVC 21113].

Parking Citations and Penalty Fees

Parking permit regulations are strictly enforced 24 hours a day, seven days per week, and 365 days a year. All regulations are enforced at all times. A list of common violations is shown below, but other regulations are also enforced [CVC 21113].

Violation Number Title Description Fee
3A.1 No Valid Permit Visible Issued when a vehicle is parked on campus and does not have the proper permit displayed. $33.00
3A.4 Fraudulent Use of Permit Issued when a permit displayed in a vehicle is found to be fraudulent (i.e. a Xerox copy), reported stolen or reported lost. Also issued when permits are altered (i.e. dates changed). $33.00
3A.5A Outdated Permit Issued when a permit is displayed in a vehicle on campus and does not have a valid semester permit or date and time stamp present. $33.00
3A.6 Permit Improperly Displayed Issued when a permit is displayed in the wrong location and/or the permit information is not visible to the officer. $33.00
4A.1 Parked Over Boundary Lines Issued when a vehicle is found to be parked over a parking space boundary line in such a way as to obstruct parking or traffic. $33.00
4A.2 Used Two Parking Spaces Issued when a vehicle is found to be parked in two parking spaces in such a way that another vehicle is unable to occupy the second space. $33.00
4A.3 Parked in Driving Lanes Issued when a vehicle is parked in a lane used for moving vehicles (i.e. in a parking lot, on campus roadway, etc.) $33.00
4B Not Parked in Designated Area Issued when a vehicle parks in a lot or area displaying an improper yet valid LRCCD Permit (i.e. valid LRCCD student permit or daily permit displayed in a vehicle located in faculty/staff lot or other than a designated parking space (i.e. on diagonal lines, on the dirt, on the sidewalk, etc.) $33.00
4D.1 Unauthorized use of Disabled Zone Issued when a vehicle is parked in a lot or area designated for disabled parking only. Vehicles parked in these areas (clearly marked with blue disabled signs and blue painted delineations) that do not clearly display a valid disabled permit (issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles and/or any Los Rios Health Center) are in violation of this section. Furthermore, vehicles parked in these areas must display a valid daily or semester permit per District Regulation 2252, section 4.1 and Title 5, subchapter 2, section 54100 (d). $283.00
4D.10 Expired Meter/Zone Issued when a vehicle exceeds the posted limit in a timed zone. $33.00
4D.11 Parked on Shoulder of Road Issued when a vehicle is parked on the side of a roadway. $33.00
4D.12 Parked in Fire Lane Issued when a vehicle is parked in a fire lane. (Fire lanes are usually designated as such with the words “Fire Lane” painted on the pavement). $33.00
4D.13 Parked on Roadway Issued when a vehicle is parked on a roadway (i.e. parked on the road with hazard lights on when running into the bookstore). $33.00
4D.2 Unauthorized Use of Permit Issued when a vehicle is parked in an area designated for staff or students and has a permit displayed that does not authorize that vehicle to park in that area (i.e. permit displayed for student parking and vehicle is parked in staff area and or a staff permit is being utilized by a student parking in staff area). $33.00
4D.3 Parked on Service Road Issued when a vehicle is parked on a paved or unpaved road designated for service only and authorized for use by only District and/or emergency vehicles. $33.00
4D.4 Parked in Red Zone Issued when a vehicle is parked at a red painted curb. $33.00
4D.5 Parked blocking Gates Issued when a vehicle is parked in such a manner that it is obstructing the free and unfettered use of a gate. $33.00
4D.6 Bus Zone Issued when a vehicle is parked in an area clearly designated for busses only. $33.00
4D.7 Parked in No Parking Zone Issued when a vehicle is parked in an area where a “No Parking Anytime” sign is displayed. (There must be a sign in view for this violation to be issued). $33.00
4D.8 Parked in Loading Zone Issued when a vehicle is in a loading zone over the time limit. Also, active loading and unloading is required. $33.00
4E Vehicle Parked Overnight Issued when a vehicle is parked overnight at any Los Rios Community College District parking area without prior approval $33.00


The specific violation and penalty amount is indicated on the front of the citation. Payments may be sent by U.S. mail. Payment must be made by check or money order made payable to the Los Rios Community College District. Write the citation number and vehicle license plate number on your check or money order. Two-party checks are not accepted.

Mail payments to:

Los Rios Community College District
Citation Processing Center
Post Office Box 2730
Huntington Beach, CA. 92647-2730

Payment may also be made online by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card at:

Citation Processing Center

An additional fee of $3.25 will be assessed for this service.

A penalty will be assessed for checks not honored by your bank. Do not mail cash. You can access and pay your citation online as long as you have access to one of the following:

  • Citation number and time of violation.

  • Notice number and 5 digit Zip code.

  • License plate number and issuance state.

More help (U.S. Mail or online) information can be obtained by calling (800) 989-2058


You may write a letter stating the reason you believe the citation should be dismissed and mail it to the address above. Be sure to state your name, address, citation number, and vehicle license plate number. Include a copy of your citation with your letter.

Citation Appeal forms are available online and at any Los Rios Police office location. Citation appeals can also be handled online with Citation Processing Center. Appeals must be presented in writing, or via the web address, within 21 calendar days of the date the citation was issued. No appeals will be accepted after 21 calendar days. The registered owner of the vehicle is responsible for the resolution of the citation in accordance with section 41102 of the California Vehicle Code. All citation appeals are handled by Citation Processing Center. No appeal form will be accepted by the Los Rios Police Department.

To check the status of your citation, please contact Citation Processing Center.

Failure to respond to a citation within 21 calendar days of the date that the citation was issued may result in a $5.00 penalty and a delinquency notice. Failure to respond within 14 calendar days from the mailing date of the delinquency notice may result in doubling of the fines plus a $3.00 penalty and notification being forwarded to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV will refuse to re-register the vehicle until all outstanding fines have been paid in full.

Citation Processing Center Frequently Asked Questions.


It is important to familiarize yourself with the various types of parking permits that the Los Rios Community College District campuses offer and the locations in which they are valid. The types of parking permits available and their usage requirements are listed below.

All vehicles left overnight will be cited unless authorized.

The campus speed limit is 15 mph.

And please remember, pedestrians have the right of way at all times.


California State laws and Los Rios Community College District parking regulations that pertain to parking are enforced 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Parking permits are valid only for the period of time specified on the permit and for the parking spaces intended unless otherwise noted. Parking permits may not be transferred from one person to another. A parking permit is valid for use only by the person who purchased the parking permit. Each person may possess one valid Los Rios parking permit at a time.

Designated Parking Spaces

Parking is authorized in designated parking spaces only. A parking space is designated by a white (student/visitor) or yellow (staff) parking space line on each side or end of the vehicle. Vehicles must fit within the parking space lines.

Display of Parking Permits

Semester permits affixed to permit hangers must be displayed from the rearview mirror.

Adhesive parking permits must be attached to the inside of the windshield on the lower corner on the passenger side windshield.

Daily and guest parking permits must be displayed face-up on the passenger’s side of the dashboard with the valid date clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle. Remove expired permits from the dashboard.

Purchase of Semester Parking Permits

To avoid long lines and delays during the first week of the semester, purchase your semester pass early. A student parking permit may be purchased in one of three ways and is valid on any Los Rios Community College District campus:

  • Online via eServices. Permit will be mailed at least two weeks prior to the start of each term if purchased in advance.

  • By completing a payment coupon and returning it to a campus Business Services office. Permit will be mailed at least two weeks prior to the start of each term.

  • At any campus Business Services office, beginning 30 days prior to the first week of the term.

Pricing is as follows:

  • Semester Auto: $40.00 ($30.00 with CA College Promise Grant)

  • Semester Motorcycle: $25.00

  • Summer Auto: $25.00

  • Summer Motorcycle: $15.00

Motorcycle Semester Permits

A motorcycle parking permit is required to park. Motorcycle permits must be affixed to the front fender, fork, or gas tank of the motorcycle. Motorcycle permits are valid only in designated motorcycle parking areas. Motorcycles may not park in regular vehicle spaces. Motorcycle permits can be purchased at a Business Services office.

Staff Parking Passes

Staff parking passes are valid on any Los Rios Community College District property. Staff parking permits are valid in designated staff spaces (painted yellow). Staff parking permits are transferable to a second vehicle. Two passes are issued to each staff member free of charge. An additional or replacement pass can be purchased for $5.00. Staff parking passes are available at your local Police Office. Please bring the license plate number of each vehicle utilizing the pass, proof of Los Rios Community College District employment, and photo identification.

Daily Parking Passes

Daily parking permits cost $2 and may be purchased from one of the daily parking permit machines located in several locations at each campus. The parking permit machines accept one dollar ($1) bills or coins (25, 10, 5 cent coins only). Some locations have newer machines which also accept credit or debit cards. The fee for daily parking permits is not refundable. In case of a machine malfunction, you should:

  • Purchase a ticket from another machine.

  • Contact the Los Rios Police Department to report the problem for repair.

Disabled Parking Passes

Disabled personnel are allowed to park in any vehicle parking space (student parking, staff parking, designated disabled parking spaces, timed parking spaces).

To park in any parking space on campus, a vehicle must display both a valid Los Rios Community College District semester or daily permit and a disabled persons placard or license plate. Disabled persons may also park in timed spaces without time restrictions when they display a valid Los Rios parking pass and a disabled persons placard or license plate. Loading zones are intended for active loading and unloading and are not considered to be parking spaces; thus, disabled placards and license plates are not valid in loading zones.

About Student Semester Parking Permits

Student permits are valid for day or evening parking throughout the Los Rios Community College District (American River College, Cosumnes River College, Folsom Lake College, Sacramento City College, and all centers).

Visitor Parking

  • Several 30 minute parking spaces are available throughout the Los Rios Community College parking lots.

  • Visitors who plan to spend more than 30 minutes on campus may purchase a daily permit from one of the daily permit machines located in the surface parking lots.

  • Visitors invited to campus for special events, classroom presentations or other functions, may be issued a special guest permit from the police office upon request by the sponsoring college department or office.

Overnight Parking

No overnight parking is allowed, except in special circumstances with prior permission from the Los Rios Police Department.

Lost, Stolen and Counterfeit Parking Permits

If a parking permit is lost or stolen, please report the loss to the Los Rios Police Department. Lost or stolen permits are not replaced. A new permit must be purchased. We will record the number of the permit that was lost or stolen. It is a violation to display a lost, stolen, or counterfeit parking permit, and use of one may result in a parking citation and/or other corrective action. If your vehicle is sold, or the windshield is damaged, you must show proof of sale or repairs, or bring in the old permit (permit number must be intact) before another will be issued. There is a $2.00 replacement charge.


Bicycles are permitted on all campus roadways, but are not permitted to be ridden on walking paths and sidewalks. At some campuses, bike lockers may be rented from the campus Business Services office.

Bicycles are NOT to be secured to anything other than official bicycle racks and if they are, they may have the lock cut and the bike removed by the Los Rios Police Department. Locking a bicycle to hand-rails or light posts can cause a hazard to pedestrians, especially those with disabilities.